Headquartered in Evansville, Indiana, MetroNet (www.metronnetinc.com) is a customer-focused company that provides cutting-edge fiber optic communication services, including high-speed Fiber Internet, full-featured Fiber Phone, and Fiber IPTV with a wide variety of programming. All MetroNet services are delivered across a 100% fiber optic network made up of thousands of miles of fiber optic cables connected directly to homes and businesses. Serving 25 Midwest communities, MetroNet provides fiber-to-the-premise (FTTP) technology to homes and businesses within its footprint giving its customers state-of-the art quality, speed and reliability.

Keith Leonhardt, MetroNet vice-president of marketing, reflected on what lies ahead, saying “MetroNet is excited that our Indiana-based company is teaming up with other high-performing industry leaders to become a sponsor of Jonathan Byrd’s Racing. Of course it’s a great honor and thrill to become a vested player in a Hoosier tradition as great as the Indy 500.”