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What is the “GINNY 500”?

The GINNY 500 is the rewards program for Jonathan Byrd’s customers that is tied to the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing team and its participation in the Indianapolis 500.


What is the reward?

Any person that spends at least $500 at the Jonathan Byrd’s restaurant between the launch date and May 17, 2015 will have their name added to the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar that will be entered into and attempt to qualify for the 2015 Indianapolis 500.  This will be an ongoing and annual rewards program, so the 2016 GINNY 500 will commence on May 18, 2015.


Does that include spending by banquet or catering customers?

It does not.  However, our valued banquet and catering customers will certainly be provided with the opportunity to participate.


Why is it called the “GINNY 500”? 

The GINNY 500 is a play on the “Indy 500,” and it is named after the owner of Jonathan Byrd’s, Virginia “Ginny” Byrd, wife of the late Jonathan Byrd.


How do I enter the GINNY 500?

When you come to Jonathan Byrd’s, you’ll be able to sign up for the GINNY 500 by providing us with your phone number and some basic information.  Your phone number will be your rewards program number, and will be used to track your spending.   From that point on, when you dine with Jonathan Byrd’s, you will be able to track your “mileage” as you work towards “finishing” the GINNY 500.


What if I come to Jonathan Byrd’s but I forget to mention that I’m a participant in the GINNY 500?

Don’t worry about that.  This is our one and only customer rewards program, so we’ll be sure that you don’t forget.  Plus there will be reminders everywhere!


What if I don’t live anywhere near Jonathan Byrd’s, can I still participate?

Absolutely!  If you’d like to “complete” the GINNY 500, you can make a tax deductible $500 donation to our non-profit “Ev’ryman Victory” at the Jonathan Byrd’s website ( or the Jonathan Byrd’s Racing website (  With your donation, you will get your name on the Jonathan Byrd’s car, and your tax deductible $500 donation will be used to purchase Jonathan Byrd’s gift cards that will be distributed locally to social service organizations, volunteer groups, veterans groups, military families, schools, health clinics, public safety workers, and more.

What if I spend $1000 at Jonathan Byrd’s, can I get more than one name on the car?

You certainly can.  For every $500 you spend at Jonathan Byrd’s, you can add a name to the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar.


If I “complete” the GINNY 500, does it have to be my name that goes on the car?

Not at all.  It’s completely up to you, and the name that you add to the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar can be the name of a friend or family member, your business, or even your Twitter handle.


When I complete the GINNY 500, can I put my family’s name on the car, or is it only individual names?

Individual names only.  If you want to be sure to get your whole family on the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar, you’ll just have to make more visits to Jonathan Byrd’s!  J


Can I complete the GINNY 500 by purchasing Jonathan Byrd’s gift cards and giving them away to family, friends, customers, clients, employees, or co-workers?

Yes indeed.  How you choose to spend your $500 to complete the GINNY 500 is up to you.


Is it realistic to be able to complete the GINNY 500 in the available time frame?

Most definitely!  If you were to spend just $10 per week at Jonathan Byrd’s, you would complete the GINNY 500 in just under a year.  If you fed a family of four at Jonathan Byrd’s just once a week for a year, you could easily place 3 or 4 names on the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar.  Just imagine what you could do if you came in for lunch every day.  You could even provide a name on an IndyCar as a gift to a friend who is an Indy 500 fan.


Is the “Celebration In A Box” eligible for the GINNY 500?

Yes it most certainly is!  Purchasing the $499 Standard Package which is everything you need for a party for 50 people lets you finish the GINNY 500 in one shot!


Will you keep me up to date on how many “miles” I’ve completed in my GINNY 500?

Of course.  There will be regular updates to all of our “competitors”, letting them know where they are in their “race” to $500 in “mileage” at Jonathan Byrd’s.


Will you have prizes for GINNY 500 participants that complete the GINNY 500 or even have the highest level of GINNY 500 spend at Jonathan Byrd’s?

We will, and they’re going to be good ones!  Information about these prizes will be shared with participants throughout the course of the year.


Is this a crowd-funding effort?  Does there need to be a minimum number of people that complete the GINNY 500 for there to be a Jonathan Byrd’s car at the Indy 500?

This is NOT a crowd-funding effort.  We’re going back to the Indianapolis 500 and we want to give our loyal customers a chance to get in the race by completing the GINNY 500!


How will I know that my name was actually on the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar?

You’ll just have to trust us.  Just kidding.  We’ll provide you with photographic evidence!


Is there a limit to how many names will be able to be placed on the Jonathan Byrd’s IndyCar?

There is no limit, so feel free to spread the word!


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